Thursday, 6 November 2008

SPOTTED: C-Listers Line Up For Blog Inclusion

After a snoozy week, the celeb spotting league has hit back with a raft of c-list spottings around the South of our fair Isle. With word getting around about the blog, it's probable that these c-listers are, in a strange twist of irony, actually stalking us to get themselves noted.

Kicking things off, Brakey hits a real low with the long forgotten Richard Neville Dobson, AKA, Ritchie Neville, AKA Ritchie from 5ive. I know, I know, it's amazing he's still alive (and I am intrigued as to what he is even doing) but apparently he was out and about in the vigilante town Henley-on-Thames and thus counts as a spot. Given he has done nothing but crap reality TV since the "band" split up, he goes down as a 1 alongisde an area multiplier of 1, totalling....1! Well done Ritchie, by appearing on this blog you are officially BACK IN THE GAME! Little known fact, Ritchie was once in a band called Anal Beard...that explains a lot.

Next up, making his first spot of the new season, young buck Sutton bags a well known WAG in the nomansland that sits in the space between London proper and the M25 - Esher. Standard WAGs would be hard pushed to make it onto the realms of such a high-brow blog as this, however fitness instructor and WAG of Joe Cole, Carly Zucker, is hard to ignore (as you can see) and although only scraping a c-list status, was seen inside the M25 and therefore gives the ECTs rugby ace a solid pair of points - 2.

Finally, I have been asked by multiple sources now for inclusion into our little league but so far have managed to push back on all requests. If anyone within the team disagrees with me, then let me know, otherwise we'll make it exclusive. Recent unattributed spots include Sophie Dahl, Jamie Callum, Michael Pallin, Three Blondes in that Olympic Boat and everyone's least favourite PR, Max Clifford. Granted, most of these are better than what we have accomplished so far, but it could get out of hand if we go and open it up to all-comers.

Happy spotting...

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Anonymous said...

Wow - I found this blog to be both informative and interesting. I especially like the bit in the middle - thanks for completing my life