Wednesday, 22 October 2008


You turn away for a matter of seconds and look what happens, celeb spotters piling in from every angle!! And it certainly shakes up our leaderboard...

Ms. Hunter made a double weekend spot, starting with Arsenal defensive stalwart Lee Dixon on Friday night, again in The Sun Inn. The local boozer has become a hotbed of activity in recent weeks, but the question is, was he waiting for Ray Stubbs? Lee rates as a tier 2 celeb and gets a multiplier of 3 for being in Barnes, totalling 6.

Hunter's second spot brings back memories of the glamorous 1988 Winter Olympic Games in which a true star began to brightly shine (albeit for a very short time) - none other than Britain's greatest ski-jumper, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, so called because he could fly like an eagle (for 73.5m anyway). Although he was the national record-holder, he was also 20lbs heavier than his nearest competitor in the Olympics, hampering him somewhat.

Anyway, Hunter saw him on Oxford Street, not on a ski jump, for which she gets an immediate 2 points, and given he stature as a record breaker, he is being awarded tier 2 status, totalling 4 points. Good job!

Brakey also posted his first spot following a leave of absence. Well known for his extensive knowledge of also-ran Olympic hopefuls, Brake spotted Andy Baddeley, a budding UK middle-distance runner, right here on the very gold-paved streets of Barnes. With only a European Cup Silver to his name (2007), Baddeley can really only merit being a tier 1 celeb, but seeing him in Barnes ensures Brakes takes home 3 points. Best of luck for 2012 Andy!

And finally, although I am not taking any points for it, nipped out for a coffee with The Brake first thing yesterday at Nero's and who should be sitting there perusing the monrning papers? You've guessed it, our namesake...RAY STUBBS, I'VE JUST SEEN RAY STUBBS - DING DING DING

How exciting!

Check out the leaderboard - Hunter goes top!!

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