Friday, 10 October 2008

Welcome Celeb Spotters

Welcome to the ECT Celeb Spotting Blog: I've just seen Ray Stubbs

So why the name? Well, as our most spotted celeb, and a resident of Barnes, Ray Stubbs hold a special place in our hearts (although not when he's with Garth).  

NB. This blog is not endorsed by Ray in any way (although Ray if you are reading and want to pop in for a photo with the team, then just drop me a line!)

This blog grew out of the highly contentious ECT Celeb Spotting League. Conceived during The Dark Times (aka The Bunker Years), the league came to pass because whilst they were out and about on their travels around London's poshest venues, the ECT members often spotted what they claimed to be celebrities. 

Points were awarded based on the tier of celeb (as a guide, Tom Hanks = 3 points, anyone off Corry = 1 point) and the location (the closer to Barnes, the higher the score), with bonus points awarded at the discretion of the presiding ruler.

This blog will now serve as the public facing voice of the ECT Spotting League.

If anyone spots a celeb whilst out and about, please email us and a judgement will be made before publishing.

Lies do not go down well, so if in doubt, take a camera out with you and prove it!!

Happy spotting


Gemma said...

I haven't yet had a celeb spot in barnes but only time will tell...I will now look harder just so I can appear in this great blog!

james.kennedy said...

I saw Phil Spencer from Location Location Location in a Pizza Express in Wandsworth Common on Sunday. I reckon that's worth about 3...

The ECT Celeb Spotting Blog said...

Don't goad me into posting for you Kennedy or I'll ban you

Rileston76 said...

Do we get any points for spotting Anneka Rice in Barnes...? If I tot up my confirmed Barnes sightings scores just on her I think I'm the big winner... Ps I'm not a stalker and I also saw Jennifer Saunders outside the cheese shop once.