Wednesday, 22 October 2008


You turn away for a matter of seconds and look what happens, celeb spotters piling in from every angle!! And it certainly shakes up our leaderboard...

Ms. Hunter made a double weekend spot, starting with Arsenal defensive stalwart Lee Dixon on Friday night, again in The Sun Inn. The local boozer has become a hotbed of activity in recent weeks, but the question is, was he waiting for Ray Stubbs? Lee rates as a tier 2 celeb and gets a multiplier of 3 for being in Barnes, totalling 6.

Hunter's second spot brings back memories of the glamorous 1988 Winter Olympic Games in which a true star began to brightly shine (albeit for a very short time) - none other than Britain's greatest ski-jumper, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, so called because he could fly like an eagle (for 73.5m anyway). Although he was the national record-holder, he was also 20lbs heavier than his nearest competitor in the Olympics, hampering him somewhat.

Anyway, Hunter saw him on Oxford Street, not on a ski jump, for which she gets an immediate 2 points, and given he stature as a record breaker, he is being awarded tier 2 status, totalling 4 points. Good job!

Brakey also posted his first spot following a leave of absence. Well known for his extensive knowledge of also-ran Olympic hopefuls, Brake spotted Andy Baddeley, a budding UK middle-distance runner, right here on the very gold-paved streets of Barnes. With only a European Cup Silver to his name (2007), Baddeley can really only merit being a tier 1 celeb, but seeing him in Barnes ensures Brakes takes home 3 points. Best of luck for 2012 Andy!

And finally, although I am not taking any points for it, nipped out for a coffee with The Brake first thing yesterday at Nero's and who should be sitting there perusing the monrning papers? You've guessed it, our namesake...RAY STUBBS, I'VE JUST SEEN RAY STUBBS - DING DING DING

How exciting!

Check out the leaderboard - Hunter goes top!!

Friday, 17 October 2008

SPOTTED: Hawkins Walks

Well hasn't it been a busy first week for our neeeew celeb spotting blog. The eager beavers amongst you have been scouring London's landscape to catch a glimpse of celebrity-doms demi gods and we close this week with with someone far, far from those reaches.

SP makes her second spot of the week - Simon Calder.... You know, that guy off of the TV with that show on the Beeb about some rubbish who also happens to be travel editor of The Indy... tenuous yes, but that is what the league is all about - 10 craps spots are better than 1 great one in the long run. He was at fashionable Soho haunt, The Breakfast Club, where SP was hobnobbing with the gliterati of East London's IT analyst scene (if only).

He's worth 1 point (at best) as a celeb and 2 points for being in London, rocketing SP up to first place on her lonesome with a recording breaking 8 points.

Remember to keep your eyes well and truly peeled this weekend - you never know who might be hiding round the back of the pet food aisle down Iceland (in fact we know exactly who but you won't be getting any points for her I can tell you).

Happy spotting

Thursday, 16 October 2008

SPOTTED: Walliams Walkabout

Well known laydeez man and Little Britain star, David Walliams, was spotted last night in Piccadilly by the ECT's very own SP. SP reported that after screaming and elbowing Stiphly in the ribs, they oggled him from behind at some traffic lights before heading on to dinner (with me) at the lovely Aaya on Brewer Street, Soho. Matt Lucas was nowhere to be seen.

Walliams hit the headlines this week for having a falling out (or so it seemed) with love pest Jude Law - I think we all know who we'd side with during that argument. Perhaps Law took exception to some style advice that Walliams was handing out? Although with one wearing a plastic bomber and the other exclusively in grey wool, it's difficult to see who's in the right.

Spotted in London (2 points) and now an International Star (3 points) Walliams boosts SP to sit tied at the top of the leaderboard with 6 points.

I am thinking of adding a fourth tier (a 4-pointer) for truly A-list celebs - but where are they all? Not in Chertsey I can tell you...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

SPOTTED: Hard man Haskell looks for Ruck in Barnes

The ECT's token Northern boy hits back at Kennedy's early lead, claiming to have spotted 111kg back-rower, James "The Head-butt" Haskell, outside Barnes' very own Sun Inn late on Friday night - merely hours after this new blog sprung up. Coincidence? I think not, but who am I to cast doubts amongst the rank and file.

One does wonder whether James' late night pub visits are really doing his team's form any favours, but given Wasps have only scraped 7 points from 5 games this season, it actually looks like none of them are trying.... James gives his views on his online blog - he's angry!

Given Haskell has represented England, and can therefore be considered a B-list celeb, and the fact that he was spotted in Barnes no less, Ste scores 6 points.

Is this a sign of things to come? Ste and Kennedy romping away? We all know they can be "inventive" but in the absence of any other spots it will have to do!

Monday, 13 October 2008

SPOTTED: Phil measures up PE for size

Well done to Mr. Kennedy for becoming the first to spot and report a celeb for the new blog!

Ladies' favourite, Phil Spencer, most well known for his starring role off of TV's
Location, Location, Location was spotted in the ever-popular Pizza Express at Wandsworth Common.

We're not sure if Phil was using a 2-for-1 voucher, what he actually ate, or in fact who he was with, but there's no doubting his credentials as a genuine star and as such Kennedy secures 4 points (2 points for Phil and 2 points for London).


Friday, 10 October 2008

Welcome Celeb Spotters

Welcome to the ECT Celeb Spotting Blog: I've just seen Ray Stubbs

So why the name? Well, as our most spotted celeb, and a resident of Barnes, Ray Stubbs hold a special place in our hearts (although not when he's with Garth).  

NB. This blog is not endorsed by Ray in any way (although Ray if you are reading and want to pop in for a photo with the team, then just drop me a line!)

This blog grew out of the highly contentious ECT Celeb Spotting League. Conceived during The Dark Times (aka The Bunker Years), the league came to pass because whilst they were out and about on their travels around London's poshest venues, the ECT members often spotted what they claimed to be celebrities. 

Points were awarded based on the tier of celeb (as a guide, Tom Hanks = 3 points, anyone off Corry = 1 point) and the location (the closer to Barnes, the higher the score), with bonus points awarded at the discretion of the presiding ruler.

This blog will now serve as the public facing voice of the ECT Spotting League.

If anyone spots a celeb whilst out and about, please email us and a judgement will be made before publishing.

Lies do not go down well, so if in doubt, take a camera out with you and prove it!!

Happy spotting