Friday, 17 October 2008

SPOTTED: Hawkins Walks

Well hasn't it been a busy first week for our neeeew celeb spotting blog. The eager beavers amongst you have been scouring London's landscape to catch a glimpse of celebrity-doms demi gods and we close this week with with someone far, far from those reaches.

SP makes her second spot of the week - Simon Calder.... You know, that guy off of the TV with that show on the Beeb about some rubbish who also happens to be travel editor of The Indy... tenuous yes, but that is what the league is all about - 10 craps spots are better than 1 great one in the long run. He was at fashionable Soho haunt, The Breakfast Club, where SP was hobnobbing with the gliterati of East London's IT analyst scene (if only).

He's worth 1 point (at best) as a celeb and 2 points for being in London, rocketing SP up to first place on her lonesome with a recording breaking 8 points.

Remember to keep your eyes well and truly peeled this weekend - you never know who might be hiding round the back of the pet food aisle down Iceland (in fact we know exactly who but you won't be getting any points for her I can tell you).

Happy spotting

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