Thursday, 16 October 2008

SPOTTED: Walliams Walkabout

Well known laydeez man and Little Britain star, David Walliams, was spotted last night in Piccadilly by the ECT's very own SP. SP reported that after screaming and elbowing Stiphly in the ribs, they oggled him from behind at some traffic lights before heading on to dinner (with me) at the lovely Aaya on Brewer Street, Soho. Matt Lucas was nowhere to be seen.

Walliams hit the headlines this week for having a falling out (or so it seemed) with love pest Jude Law - I think we all know who we'd side with during that argument. Perhaps Law took exception to some style advice that Walliams was handing out? Although with one wearing a plastic bomber and the other exclusively in grey wool, it's difficult to see who's in the right.

Spotted in London (2 points) and now an International Star (3 points) Walliams boosts SP to sit tied at the top of the leaderboard with 6 points.

I am thinking of adding a fourth tier (a 4-pointer) for truly A-list celebs - but where are they all? Not in Chertsey I can tell you...

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